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Project ID 101051818

The Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists (LPK), together with the Lithuanian Industry Trade Union Federation (LPPSF) and the European business confederation BusinessEurope, is carrying out the POWERDIALOGUE project funded by the European Commission under the “Social Prerogative and Specific Competencies Lines (SOCPL)” call for proposals “Support for social dialogue (SOCPL-2021-SOC-DIALOG)”.

The target group of the project includes social partners and government representatives participating in the Tripartite Council, as well as members of LPK and LPPSF.

The main and essential goal of the project is to strengthen the general and specific skills of social partners, enabling them to promote and improve social dialogue in Lithuania.

Strengthening skills through shared training and other project activities could help to better understand each other’s positions, motivating factors, and limits of possibilities (negotiations). We believe that this could improve the work of the Tripartite Council by finding more common ground instead of the current practice of divergence with differing opinions.

We hope that project activities will help to create an atmosphere of mutual trust. Project participants will have the space to share information about existing and/or potential problems, as well as possible solutions.

By increasing their competencies, members of the Tripartite Council also increase the trust of society and the state in the insights of social partners and bring added value.

We believe that there is a truly valuable European dimension in this project – the project partner is BusinessEurope, who can contribute to some project activities and involve more in ongoing processes in Europe.

The activities of the POWERDIALOGUE project during the first year include:

  • Surveying social partners regarding specific skills needs
  • Training for members of the Tripartite Council
  • Two studies: one on the implementation of the European Social Rights Pillar in Lithuania, and another on improving collective bargaining in Lithuania’s legal and political system
  • Webinars with BusinessEurope on the European dimension
  • Conference on the effectiveness of the Tripartite Council.

Project duration

August 2022 – July 2024

Project promoter

The Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists (LPK)

Project partners

The Lithuanian Industry Trade Union Federation (LPPSF) and the European business confederation BusinessEurope.