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Project „Posting Of Workers: Enhancing Administrative Cooperation and Access to Information“

The main aim of the research project is to promote to analyze the most widespread violations of EU framework, in relation to the current legislation and the transposition of directive 2018/957/EU in each country; 

- to analyse the functions of EU Labour Authority and evaluate its real potential in terms of increased cooperation among national inspective bodies; 

- to identify and increase the level of knowledge/expertise, of companies, workers and inspective staff. 

The task determined requires answering the following questions: 

1) Analysis of the elements that influenced the effectiveness/non effectiveness of the European framework about posting of workers in the mechanical industry; 

2) Analysis of the national framework implementing the new directive 2018/957/EU;

3) Research about the level of diffusion of information on rights and obligations in situations of crossborder posting among companies and workers in the mechanical industry;

4) Definition and implementation of the training programme addressed to Labour Inspectorate and social partners. 

Main expected results:

  • the recognition of the current national framework; 
  • the mapping of the most widespread assumptions of violation of the EU framework on transnational posting; 
  • the assessment of the role of the current national framework and sustainability of directive 2018/957/EU to increase the effective application of the EU framework;
  • increased knowledge and awareness of companies, workers and inspective staff about directive 2018/957/EU and on the functioning of Internal Market Information System; 
  • the preparation of vademecums to raise awareness of companies and workers. 

STEP UP involves 5 organizations: UNIPR (IT), UCP (PT), VU (LT), UGR (ES), SNPSA (RO). 

Principal Investigator (VU Team): Prof. Daiva Petrylaitė. 

Project Co-Investigators:  - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vida Petrylaitė - Assoc. dr. Justinas Usonis  - Doctoral student Gabrielė Taminskaitė 

Project partners in Lithuania:

- State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania

- The Lithuanian Industry Trade Union Federation 

Project implementation period: 2020-01-01 – 2021-12-31. 

Project Funding: under European Commission STEP UP Protection – Stepping up The European cooperation and communication among Public and Private organizations for the PROTECTION of posted workers‘ rights“ (Project registration No. (2019) 7263870-25/11/2019). 

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