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Lithuanian trade unions join the Global Day of Solidarity with Ukraine

Published: Tuesday, 15 March 2022

On March 15 Lithuanian  trade unions join the Global Day of Solidarity with Ukraine. 

We understand that the photographs are only a visual expression of our solidarity, and we understand that they will not solve the problems caused by a brutal war, but they were made by heart.

Today, more than ever, what is needed is not words or loud declarations, but concrete, sometimes silent and invisible, deeds and decisions, because the struggle of Ukraine is not just a struggle of its people for their land, freedom and democracy. It is a struggle for justice throughout the Europe and the whole world.

At this very moment, people, children are dying in Ukraine, and workers in vital public services (medical staff, utilities, energy workers) face an huge threat to their lives, and every time they go to work, they are not sure if they will return alive to their families.

That is why today we stand in solidarity with all public service workers who, in every crisis, are tireless in their duty to society.

We also reiterate our call on international trade union organizations to take a responsible decision to remove the Russian and Belarusian trade unions supporting Putin’s regime from international trade union structures.

We stand in solidarity with the appeal of Ukrainian trade unions to take a very principled view of the proputinist trade unions' statements in support of Russia's invasion of Ukraine which tramples all basic trade union values and a common sense.

Such organizations should not have a place in trade union family!

We invite all Lithuanian people to join the ranks of those who help people of Ukraine in all possible ways – either the ones who have remained in Ukraine or those who have found asylum in Lithuania.


Together we are strong!

Slava Ukraini!