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Trade union activists from Lithuanian regions participated in two days training

Published: Monday, 13 September 2021

On September 9-10, in Panevėžys, in the conference center "Vasaris", two-day training was organized by the Lithuanian Federation of Industrial Trade Unions in frames of the international project "Improvement of Social Dialogue in the Lithuanian Industrial Sector".

This is one of the stages of the project, which aims to bring knowledge of social dialogue and collective bargaining to trade union activists in Lithuanian regions.

In this training, over 20 participants from various industrial companies gained knowledge about employee representation, trade union and works council relations, aspects of collective agreements and collective bargaining.

The project “Improving Social Dialogue in Industry Sector in Lithuania” is being developed in industrial enterprises (chemical, energy, construction, utilities, aviation), whose trade unions belong to the Lithuanian Industry Trade Union Federation (LPPSF).

It is carried out by the Lithuanian Industry Trade Union Federation (LPPSF), the project partner is the United Federation of Trade Unions „Fellesforbundet“ and sponsor – the „Innovation Norway“.

Implementation of the activities of this project is based in accordance with the conclusions of the analysis of the LPPSF collective agreements which was done by labor law and economics experts.

More information about the international project "Improving Social Dialogue in Industry Sector in Lithuania" is here