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Lithuanian trade unions say "No profit on pandemic!"

Published: Wednesday, 07 April 2021

Today, April 7, is the World Health Day.

This year, as we express our gratitude for health workers who have fought tirelessly against COVID-19, we condemn the efforts of pharmaceutical companies to slow global vaccination efforts.

On this day, Lithuanian public sector trade unions, together with all European trade union community, calls on the EU and European countries to:

  • Protect health as a public good and prohibit private companies from making a profit from the pandemic;
  • Work to ensure a vaccine for all. The crucial first step is to introduce a “waiver” of intellectual property rights on the vaccine to accelerate vaccine production and make it accessible to all citizens across the globe;
  • Increase investment in health and social care systems, ensure adequate staffing levels, and improve safety and working conditions, so that health and social care workers can deliver safe health and social care services for all.

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