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Lithuanian trade unions participated in a civil action against ratification of CETA agreement

Published: Monday, 23 January 2017

On 21 January a  theatricalized civil action "Bye, aunty CETA“ was held in Vilnius, near the European House, which was intended to inform Lithuanian public about the threats of The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). 

The campaign was organized by Lithuanian representatives of the European movement "Stop TTIP and CETA“ in cooperation with Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation, Lithuanian Industry Trade Unions‘ Federation, education, health and other branches trade unions.

There were such characters like hormonal cow, chlorinated chicken, aunty CETA and „such a type“ TTIP in this campaign. Ecological tea, pumpkin soup and pies were offered to the participants and observers, as well as information leaflets about main CETA threats were delivered to the passers-by. Also live acoustic music was performed.  

President of Lithuanian Industry Trade Unions‘ Federation Juozas Neverauskas read out the Lithuanian trade unions appeal to the authorities with a call not to ratify the CETA agreement as a number of threats to workers, public sector, small businesses, food and social security protection are perceived in it. 

It should be noted that over 26 trade unions have signed the appeal which was adressed and sent to the President Dalia Grybauskaite, Lithuanian Government and Parliament, also to the Lithuanian MEPs.

By the way, there was a group of liberal minded people who tried to organize a counter protest whith such slogans like „We love Coca Cola“, „CETA rules“ etc., but they were sent away by the police officers, and later everything went peacefully and smoothly.