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Activities vision 2020



On 20 May 2016, during the Second Congress of Lithuanian Industry Trade Unions' Federation, these main activity guidelines for period 2016-2020 were outlined and appproved:

  •  To provide quality services for the members; 
  • Attracting new members;
  • To organize training courses and workshops;
  • To run the active lobbying of providing recommendations to the Lithuanian Parliament and the Government on the existing laws and other regulations amendment, supplement or implementing new projects;
  • Formation of the mobile negotiation team for collective bargaining; 
  • To prepare meetings, conferences and seminars on topical labour and social issues, to to carry out explanatory - educational work of trade union members, activists and workers, to support social actions protecting trade union members' interests; 
  • The establishment of Fund for strikes and protest actions; 
  • Initiation and signing of collective agreements on sectoral and company level; 
  • Activities promotion and communication; 
  • Cooperation with trade unions from other countries wordwide for solidarity and social stability; 
  • To support Federation‘s youth and women‘s activities.